Personal Injury

Introduction to Personal Injury at Hewitts

The Ottawa law firm of Hewitt, Hewitt, Nesbitt, Reid LLP has years of experience representing injured people and their families in legal proceedings.

Our lawyers are committed to providing personal injury victims with the aggressive advocacy and knowledgeable support they need to get results. 

Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation so that you can discuss your case with one of our personal injury lawyers and review your legal options. Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation. Any information we receive will remain strictly confidential.

Areas of Personal Injury Law

Our Personal Injury practice includes such matters as:

* Accident Benefits
* Bicycle Accidents
* Car Accidents
* Insurance Claims
* Long Term Disability Claims
* Medical Malpractice
* Motor Vehicle Accidents
* Pedestrian Accidents
* Product Liability
* Professional Malpractice
* Slip and Fall Accidents
* Wrongful Death
* Any other Injuries

How Much Will I be Charged?

For most personal injury claims, we charge no fees until the matter has resolved following a settlement or trial.

Our clients can be billed on an hourly basis or through a contingency agreement. In a contingency agreement our fee is based on a percentage of the damages awarded at a trial or after a settlement. No fee is charged unless the client recovers damages.

How Much is my Case Worth?

Every case is different. We consider various factors to assess the value. In some cases, liability (who is at fault) is unclear and the injuries are minor. These cases may well be worth nothing, or have a low value such that it would not make sense for us to take the case. In other cases liability is clear and the injuries are very severe. In order to assess the value of your claim a lawyer must analyze all relevant medical documents and possibly discuss your injuries with medical experts such as your family physician or a specialist. Some of the possible damages that you may be awarded include pain and suffering, loss of income, health care and rehabilitation costs, housekeeping/home maintenance expenses, etc.

For motor vehicle accident cases the Ontario Insurance Act mandates that in order to recover damages for pain and suffering your injuries must reach a threshold. The injuries sustained must be serious and permanent or have resulted in death. The Ontario Insurance Act also mandates that there is a $30,000.00 deductible for damages for pain and suffering below $100,000.00. This means that if a court assesses your damages for pain and suffering at $60,000.00, you will recover $30,000.00 for these damages. If your claim is worth over $100,000.00 the deductible does not apply. The threshold and deductible only apply to cases involving motor vehicle collisions.


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